Thursday, May 08, 2008


Well this month has been off to a big start and won't slow down anytime soon. Seems we have birthdays, showers, weddings, babies and graduations galore!

Last weekend we took the girls all to a little outdoor coffee shop, zoo, playground area here. It was a beautiful day and we were chomping at the bit to get out of the house. So we loaded everyone up and drove over and had a really nice time.

After we got home, Hayden and Ella crashed and I took Preslyn with me to run some errands. She was a doll and so many people stopped us to ooo and ahhhh :) I had forgotten what it was like to go out with a baby. I forgot you have to allot for stop-time! It was so fun to have her with me though. We ran into the newlyweds, Jamie and Billy and they got to meet her for the first time in real life!

Then Sunday we took them all to church! Wow! That was a huge ordeal. We had BJ's brother come help us at the house, get everyone changed, fed, and into the car. Then unloaded and taken to classes, and into church, where Deb was waiting for us with our seats saved and ready to hold a baby or two. Ella was a jewel. She whimpered about 2 times and found her little fingers and sucked them and fell asleep almost instantly. Preslyn on the other hand, wanted to add to the sermon. She was very good, just loud! So we ended up having to stand out in the hall with her. So next week I think I am going to give the nursery a shot for her...but still not ready for Ella to go yet. She is really quiet anyway, so she shouldn't be a problem. We loved to get to go all together to church again. It was SO REFRESHING!

Let's see what else...oh yes. Yesterday the girls turned 6 MONTHS OLD! Can you believe it??? They are getting so big and more and more active. Preslyn surprised us with her first TOOTH yesterday!! You can't see it yet, but you can feel it and she has been working her tongue on it so much. That explains the last week of her restlessness and crying spells. Poor baby. She is cutting the bottom left front one. Still no sign of any for Ella. Pres is also really trying to crawl, but still not doing it yet. Ella started rolling over again. She hadn't done it since her surgery, but started yesterday.

I can't believe how these last six months have flown by. It doesn't seem like it has been that long, but maybe that is because we haven't had them in our home for that long. They have added so much to our family and we love them both so much. I remember when we first found out we were expecting twins I was so worried that I wouldn't know how to love them like I love Hayden. But just like everyone always says, God gave me a supernatural double load of extra love for them. I couldn't imagine my life without one or both of them. They are so special to me, each in there own way. Ella is my snuggle baby...I prayed for that specifically. And Preslyn is such a joy. She is the biggest smiler ever! She is so much like Hayden and I'm sure will keep our guts sore from laughter. Those two are just peas in a pod.

Hayden has been a hoot lately as usual. Today we were standing in line at the post office and there were about 5 other people there, and all of them were looking at Hayden as she put on a show. Well, all of the sudden she says to me, " Mommy...did you hear my toot??" I kind of looked around quickly and smiled and told her in a hushed voice, "No, Hayden. Don't do that." So she still stares at me and forces out another one and yes, that time I heard it. I was so embarrassed and all of the other people snickered.

Then the other day she had been mean at school and so I told her ahead of time, that she knew better and when we got home she was going to get a spanking.
So she asks me, " With the spankin spoon?"
Me:"Yes, Hayden, with the spanking spoon."
H:"On this leg (pointing to her right leg) or this leg (pointing to the other)??
Me:"(Trying to stifle a laugh and be stern) I don't know yet"

And lastly but not least, Today is BJ's 26th Birthday!!! Happy Birthday to my love :) I hope your day is amazing and fun and I hope this year is everything you ever wanted. We all love you so much and are so proud of you for what a hard working husband and daddy you are.
Love you daddy!!! Boo-boo, Ella Marie and P-diddy AKA Rocky Palpoa
And I love you more than ever!!~Lindsay

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