Thursday, July 16, 2015

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Saturday, April 25, 2015

Hello Fresh Giveaway - WINNERS ANNOUNCED

Here we go with the winners!!! Those who didn't win can still try out HelloFresh with a discount code S8FELD . It will save you $40 off you first box and you can cancel at anytime. 

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Friday, April 24, 2015

Stitch Fix #2 and #3

If you aren't familiar with Stitch Fix then let me give you a quick overview. Every month (or whenever and however often you decide) you receive a box with 5 items that a stylist puts together for you. You try them on at home, decide what you like or don't and return anything that doesn't work. No obligation to purchase. There's a $20 styling fee that can be applied toward anything you keep. And if you keep the whole box you get 25% off. You set your budget and style preferences and they do the rest.  It's pretty amazing if you have limited time to shop, are stuck in a rut or just want to try some new stuff.

My last fix arrived the day before we left for Disney so I was not able to photograph the outfits before I sent them back. But my last fix was kind of a bust. I only kept one thing and the rest of the pieces either didn't fit my body or my style.

Last month, I received

1. Alan French Terry Asymmetrical Zip Cardigan.
I actually really liked this one. I had seen it on a friend of mine and it was awesome, but she is much taller than me and it was evident when this arrived. It was way too long for my little arms and it fit me really long and snug. Boo.

2. Sam HI-Lo Short Sleeve Tee.
This one was tricky. I actually liked the look of the shirt, but I had just bought a very similar one at Target before my trip for Valentines, so I didn't really need this one as well. I was also concerned that the material would be easily snagged if I were holding the boys.

3. Sherry Embroidery Detail Tank

I loved this one. Light material, which is great for layering and for the summer heat. I liked the colors of the shirt and I wore this on our trip a couple of times.

4. Keone Blouse.
Oh boy. When I saw this in the box I immediately disliked it. It was exactly the same on. Just totally not my taste and looked weird on me. Nope.

5. Queensland Dolman Jersey Top
This was a great shirt, but it was EXACTLY like a shirt I wore almost daily while I was pregnant. I am done with those days and didn't want to wear a maternity looking shirt. Plus I still have the other one should I ever need something like that.
Pause for an adorable pic of my little dude, Rivan. (Short i sound, remember...not like Ivan.)
So this stitch nailed it. I loved it.

1. Edmondo Stud Detailed Split-Back Blouse

I love this cut and the material and hello BLACK. It's my jam. But I have a really similar top already and the front was a little short and showed my not-so-toned tummy when I moved around, and that just ain't gonna work. Plus it had a weird tightness right across my chest, so sending back. RETURNED

2. Kiersten Moto Skinny Jean
I pinned these and have been asking for some new jeans that aren't plain. These were perfect. They fit great, and I like the moto detailing above the knees. KEEPER

3. Skylar Asymmetrical Knit Zip Up Jacket
This was hard to decide. I really like the style of it, I like that the zipper was asymmetrical and I like that it had pockets, but it was a little frumpy around the middle and accentuated my stomach which is not the plan. Plus its Texas and we are already approaching 90 degree temps so I knew it would be a long time til I can wear this and I'd rather focus on things I can really use now. 

4. Zion Crochet Detail Top
I really loved this one. It moves really well, looks dressy or casual, which I love for mixing it up and is great for solo or layering. I wore this to church Sunday and got tons of compliments. 

5. Faye Skinny Jean
Again, perfect pant. I love this color. It says Just Black, but its more of a gunmetal color. They fit perfect and I know I'll get lots of wear out of them. 

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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Hello Fresh review plus a giveaway

I have been getting ads in my facebook feed for fresh gourmet dinner delivery services for a while. If you don't know what I'm talking about, let me fill you in. 

They offer several menu options. You choose which ones you like, they send you all the ingredients, a recipe and you whip up the masterpiece.

I've never been interested in trying it because I love meal planning and cooking. But lately it has been harder and harder to plan meals, get to the store and make the food. My biggest obstacle is getting to the store. With two babies that are just starting to sit up, it's difficult to put them in the cart and for quick trips I can take them in their stroller, but it's not ideal.  So I had a coupon code and thought I'd give it a shot. 

So there are two box types to choose from: Classic or veggie. I went with classic. 

Then you get to select your three meals for the week and whether you want it for 2 or 4 people. There are 5 meals to choose from. 
Then you wait for your box to arrive. I was really impressed by the freshness of the veggies. The recipe card was easy to follow and had detailed nutrition information. The only things not included are pantry staples like olive oil or salt and pepper. 
The first meal said it would take me 45 minutes from box to table. It was pretty accurate, minus my few distractions that kept popping their head in, needing me:)

Looks pretty and tasted amazing! Plus I learned a new way to cook my broccoli and asparagus.

The girls didn't make one complaint about the veggies mixed in. Their were tons of compliments and we all loved it. It also made more than enough. (I selected for it to be big enough for 4 and it definitely could have fed 6 or 7 easily.)

HelloFresh is giving me the opportunity to let 3 of you have an entire week FREE!!!! 

So comment below with your email and tell me why you should win. Contest will end on Friday at 6pm CST. 

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Edgy floral

I have been slightly obsessed with edgy floral as of late. It pairs nicely with my all black and gray wardrobe. 

Dress, boots and jacket - Target 
Necklace and bracelet- stella&dot

Can we also document the fact that I was 40 minutes early to church today. It must be a world record. 

Anyone watching the "secrets and lies"mini-series?? Who do you think did it? I'm totally stumped.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Disney!!!! Day 1- Magic Kingdom

I have been planning and planning this trip for weeks. Pouring over blogs, and pinterest boards, getting advice from friends. We could NOT wait to let the girls in on the big secret. That we were going to Disney. We had all these ideas how to tell them and we just kept waiting and waiting and letting the trip play out. It worked so great the way it did and it gave them little pieces to look forward to and really enjoy.

We woke up on Sunday and got dressed. I had the boys in Mickey shirts and the girls all got new Anna and Elsa shirts. Still no hint of knowing where we were going. AHHH the suspense was killing us!

We packed up, told them this was probably going to be one of the best days of their lives (Hayden was still not convinced and kept telling us how bummed she was to miss her first science fair.) and headed downstairs to the cars.

The video speaks for itself. We surprised them with the BIG NEWS finally and headed to the park. Magic Kingdom for day one. 

Right as we walked through the gates, the parade was beginning. We walked straight up and into a perfect spot and the moment was wonderful. The girls were totally in awe as each of the princesses rode by.

Beauty and the Beast



We rode the Jungle Cruise, walked through Swiss Family Robinson, rode Barnstormer (Hayden's favorite), Buzz Lightyear, Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, Mad Tea Party, It's A Small World

Rivan and Liam did amazing. I was a little nervous bringing them, but not ready to leave them home for a week. It was extra work, for sure, but they did so great. They got to ride a few rides with us, saw shows and gave us lots of hugs and kisses.

We made one dining reservation. Cinderella's table was apparently under renovation so I booked us an early dinner at Belle's castle. It was really nice and the food was really good! I tried the ratatouille, the spring salad sampler and of course "the grey stuff" for dessert.  Unfortunately, Belle didn't make an appearance but the Beast did.

After dinner we hit the rides again. We rode, Big Thunder Mountain, Space Mountain, Tomorrowland Speedway, Splash Mountain, the Carousel, Magic Carpets, Under the Sea Journey with Little Mermaid and Winnie the Pooh. 

It was a blast. There was so much to do and most of these we only rode once. The girls kept telling me how excited they were that the park didn't close until 1am. I just laughed and said they could stay that long but I was going home much earlier for bed. 

We saw the Wishes Fireworks and Celebrate the Magic and it started getting chilly. The weather had been perfect all day. We had light jackets and shorts on. Once the sun went down it started getting pretty cold. We kept moving through our fastpass rides and trying to hit all the big important things. As we made our way to the gates the closing parade started. It was all glow in the dark lights. It was a perfect ending to our first day. I looked down and realized it was 1:27am as we got off the last monorail and last transit to our cars. I could not believe we had lasted that long with all the kiddos. My parents were troopers too. 

Day 1 was perfect. So many wonderful memories! 

Saturday, March 28, 2015


So the whole trip has been one surprise after another for the girls. We wanted to tell them piece by piece so they could really enjoy the moment and appreciate each part. We drove in late on Saturday to our condo which we found on . We got out of the car and I told Hayden to take a parking pass and room key to  MY PARENTS!!! They freaked. They had no idea they were meeting us. It was great! 

Beach Day

Saturday morning was all about the beach. The girls have been to a beach once before. Galveston. Yes it's technically a beach but it's gross. We've been telling them about the beach and planning to take them for so long. 

They were so excited to go and the weather was ridiculously perfect. Slightly chilly but clear and sunny. 

They weren't fazed at all by the chilly water. They hunted sea shells, crashed into the waves, squealed, made friends and made a sandcastle.

Rivan was in hog heaven. He loved the sand and squealed and laughed the whole time. 

Liam loved it as well. He kept getting fist-fulls of sand and didn't know what to do with it. He played and played and then was ready for his nap. 

It was the perfect day. I wish we could stay here for days. I love the beach. 


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