Monday, May 19, 2008

Weekend that should have been fun

Bronchitus has come upon my lungs and I am so so hurting. BJ took me to the doctor this morning and I got my meds, so hopefully it will kick in quickly.

I've had lots to blog about but just haven't felt very good lately, obviously. And my poor babies have been all under the weather too. Ella had a major allergic reaction the weeekend of BJ"s birthday, so we took them both in to the pedi but they couldn't figure out what it was. She went all week fine, and then started having a rash again on Thursday. So its been really frustrating trying to figure out what is happening to her. The benadryl that we gave her made her have the WORST diaper rash I've ever seen in my life. We have been being overly protectant, using aquaphor, destitin, balmex and baby powder and it still is aweful. I had to order her a prescription that is supposed to help. Then Hayden and Preslyn are all congested and I think have what I have, so they are all going back to the pedi today to figure it all out. Preslyn also cranked in her second tooth!! Whoohoo!! So now she has her two bottom teeth.

I had a nice mothers day with my clan, and got to show off my good mothering skills taking care of my sick babies. I talked with several of my friends this year and it seems that lots of them were home with sick kids this year. My family spoiled me rotten and got me this beautiful purse. I love it!!

This weekend was supposed to be a full weekend for us, with graduations, parties, and a concert we were really excited about going to but since I got sick, we couldn't go to any of them, and barely survived the weekend all together. I was so sad to miss so many really important things in the lives of my friends though. Please forgive my sick body for not being present. Know that you were all in our hearts and thoughts this weekend. (Lindsey and Brian, Traci, Tara, Jordan, Rebecca, and Radiohead)

Wahooo: My new Caress Tahitian body scrub...smells like I'm on vacation!
ANNNN Cheers to a $30 coupon off diapers!! That is a whole mega box!! I was so excited :)
Boooo: to the obvious sore lungs that are giving me grief


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