Friday, February 27, 2015

Surprise Galentines

So after my last post Valentines was upon us. Leading up to the day, my sweet husband kept asking me what I wanted. I'm a minimalist at heart and frivolous gifts are not my thang. I told him I wanted nothing and needed nothing (I mean we are just a short 40 something days out from Christmas and my birthday, so I'm good). He asked me if I could go somewhere, where would I want to go. That just stressed me out. Just thinking of securing a place for all 5 kiddos, while also taking care of the weekend activities like birthday parties and volleyball games, was just overwhelming to me. So again, I just said, no I can't deal with getting away.

Well a couple of days before Valentines day, a lovely bouquet of roses was hand delivered by my one and only. They were beautiful, I promise. I totally didn't take a picture, but they were. It was a nice pop of love and life in my daily view, and I loved them. He kept hinting at a super secret surprise and getting silly and giddy about it. I don't know about you, but I don't like surprises. They make me nervous. Between us both we've totally bombed on some "surprise" gifts for each other so we both have reason to get a little nervous when the other says, oh I've got a surprise planned.

The night before Valentines our church provided a date night for parents to drop their kiddos off and have a date. We signed up immediately. We had plans to eat at a new sushi spot that BJ hadn't tried yet and then see a movie. So we dropped off the minions and headed to our date. Again, no pictures, just an enjoyable time together. We exchanged gifts. I gave him the cologne he wore in high school when he swept me off my feet and some hair stuff he has requested before and was out of. Then he hands me an envelope that looks like a ticket brochure or plane ticket or something. I got nervous. Oh where was he sending me? How would I relax enough to enjoy it while I was gone?

He had gotten me tickets to Cyndi Lauper's "Kinky Boots" and a night away at a hotel with my best friend. It was close enough where I didn't feel overwhelmed but far enough away that I felt like I could unplug and be away. I knew immediately that it would be perfect. I was thrilled. It was the perfect gift. A whole night of sleep!!!

Off we went to our movie after out yummy sushi dinner and what a fun valentines celebration!

The next day my bestest and I headed out to our Galentines (get it Gal-Valentines....) I saw it on another blog I love. Anyway, we ate at Salata and then headed to our hotel. It was fancy!


When we walked in there was this ultra soothing music coming from the TV . I told Deb that I was sure that I needed to start playing that song in my home constantly. It was so relaxing!

So we got dressed and headed downstairs where we decided to try UBER, instead of drive ourselves. It was super easy, professional and a bit of an adventure. Plus we both got free credits from each other so we paid nothing. Cha-ching!

The musical was great. A little strange, but the music was fantastic, and it was funny and it was great to be out and dressed up and having a lovely time with my friend. We got back to the hotel and were so hungry and just wanting to get in our pjs and veg, so we ordered dinner and I took a bath in the most fantastic bath EVER! (that was one of the main things BJ looked for when booking. He knows my love of baths) Then our dinner arrived and we watched some funny reality tv.

The next morning we ventured out for breakfast. I love trying new places when I go out of town and pretty much refuse to eat anywhere that is locally available to me. So we tried Common Bond bakery and it did not disappoint. We both had a breakfast sandwich and a mocha, then packed up some pastries to take home with us.

We hit up a few local shops and found the coolest wall to take a picture in front of. It was an absolute blast.

Luckily for BJ, the boys slept through the night for him. And his mom helped him out by taking the girls to a birthday we had previously committed to. I even got to make a quick stop at Urban Outfitters to use a Christmas gift card and shop alone, without any children! Bliss!!! I picked up a new vinyl and we've all been jamming to it ever since.

Galentines might have to become a new tradition. I'm so glad my husband honed in on my need for a refreshing time away. I came back rested and ready to take on the world again. It was a lovely 30 hour vacation.

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