Monday, May 26, 2014

The boys have names

BJ's grandfather was named William Boardman. His dad also has the name Boardman and that is BJ's first name. This will make the fifth generation that we know of. Liam (pronounced Leeum) is a shortened variant of William and means helmeted protector. Seems a fitting first born son name.

Rivan (rhymes with livin') means ambitious, self sufficient, a star like the sun. It was pretty much the only name I came up with that I really liked. I love that it is unique and I've never heard anyone named that. Dash is my way of honoring my PawPaw. The runner:) We have a special bond but his names have both already been passed down and I wanted to acknowledge him through a name in some way. So since he runs track and is very fast, Dash seemed fitting. 

We are very excited to meet these two little guys! 


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