Wednesday, May 07, 2014

26 weeks

Another week down!! This one is a pretty big milestone for me because when I was pregnant with the girls, today, 26 weeks was the day I was admitted into the hospital for constant observation until they were born. I stayed for 47 days. It was extremely difficult to go through the remainder of my pregnancy alone. Bj would bring Hayden up on the weekends and she would sleep in my bed with me and my friends and family would come as often as they could. But being over an hour away made it extremely difficult to have regular visitors. My nurses became my extended family and I truly bonded with my babies during that time. Each day that I was there was one less day for my girls in the NICU and that was my constant thought.

So today I am grateful for the opportunity to be free of bedrest and hospitalization and thankful that I am still home with my family and my boys are still growing strong inside my belly. 

Though everyday is a milestone when you are carrying twins my next big one is to make it to 32 weeks. That means I've made it past when my girls were born and then I can keep on going. 

Thank you for all your constant prayers and kind words. 



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