Thursday, May 29, 2014

28w6d doctor day

Today the whole gang got to go with me to the dr. The girls haven't had a chance to see an ultrasound yet and were all very amazed to see inside my stomach. 

It was also great to have Bj with me and not have to drive. Driving is still possible for me but getting harder by the day. 

I had my diabetes test and bloodwork done as well as my Rho-gam shot. Two of my least favorite milestones of pregnancy. Glad they are behind me and praying I do not have gestational diabetes like I did last time. 

Now I'm at the point where I start going every two weeks. My stomach is measuring like a 37 week single pregnancy, which is why I've been experiencing more contractions. All is well though. Still 44 days and counting. Heart rates were 153 and 148. The baby on my left is head down and the right is sort of transverse. Hoping for him to keep heading down and not go breech. 


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