Thursday, August 15, 2013

2nd Grade

Dearest Hayden--

Summer's over, big girl. You were absolutely giddy with excitement in the days, OK weeks, leading up to this morning. I keep hoping to somehow bottle up the excitement and release a little each morning so that it continues, and I SO hope it does.

Prominent memories of the morning:

"Mom, I sat up so fast this morning when my alarm went off that I nearly fell straight out of the bunk bed. I was so excited because its the first day of school finally"

"So, Mom, you ARE staying the entire day with me right??? That's what 'room mom' means, right???" (uh oh...thought you were going to freak out a little when you realized I wouldn't, and I totally wasn't prepared for your misunderstanding, but we worked it out and you were ready to go!)

"I already figured out what to say to the kids in my class 'Hi, I'm Hayden, lets be friends, OK?!?!" (You are one of three new kids in your class and I know you will make great friends.)

You had a backpack in mind all summer and picked out an adorable one that was exactly what you were looking for. You wanted a tuna sandwich, with five cup salad and oreos for lunch and were so excited to use all your new things.


2nd What an exciting year that awaits you little one. You aren't so little anymore and each year it seems like you grow so much. You are starting at a new school this year and we couldn't be more excited for you and with you. You have counted down the days and hours with such joy and I hope that joy continues all year long. God has such an amazing year ahead for you and we can't wait to see all the things you accomplish and discover. 2nd grade was such a pivotal year for your Mama. That's the year I met some of my best friends that are still with me today (Hello TARA!!!) and I even met your Dad that year! Oh the possibilities and friendships that await you. Open up that brain and your heart and I know that God will fill it with all that He has for you.

I love you BIG BIG BIG!!! (ok...there come the tears that I've been holding back) It's pretty quiet around here....your sisters are playing their hearts out together and I'm figuring out how to spend my time waiting to pick you up and hear all your stories.

Preslyn and Ella are here now and say :
E--Hope you do good and don't get on red. (Ella prayed such a good prayer, thanking God for the right teacher. It was the sweetest prayer and nearly choked me up to hear.)

P--Hope you do good and on your spelling test and have great learning.

Knock it out of the park, kiddo! We're all rootin' for ya!

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