Friday, January 17, 2014

Twins twice

I've been trying to write this post now for several days trying to come up with the right words and most of them just feel inadequate. Not even quite sure how to process all the things going through my head and my heart at the same time so I'll just do my best. Hopefully I'll be able to stay better at the blog because I love looking back and reading all my posts that I've recorded of the girls growing over the years and milestones and exciting things in our life but at the same time having three kids definitely keeps me busy and limited on extra time to blog. 

I'm sure that window will only get smaller now that we are going to be the parents of FIVE children.

Yes that's correct five children. We have once again been surprised beyond belief that we are expecting twins for the second time. Thankfully this time around the twins are fraternal which greatly decreases our risk factor and we are praying that we will make it to the end of 36 weeks and have healthy babies that can come home from the hospital at the normal time instead of being in the nicu.

We have never imagined our family as big as it is growing. We always had a plan of having two children and that was it, but God always has a different plan it seems and it will be amazing I'm sure. 

Twins at 10 weeks. Due this summer!! Guess I'll have to change the name of my blog.


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