Monday, May 27, 2013


I was so busy during Mothers day that I never properly posted about it or about the fabulous mothers in my life. May is incredibly busy for us, with weddings, graduations, and then nearly every birthday of anyone we know, and then Mothers Day. Literally my husband, dad, and father in law all share birthdays within a few days of each other. It gets crazy!

We spent time with both of our moms and my family loved on me and made me feel so special. I'm so thankful that we live close to our mothers and get to spend so much time with each of them!

Lately, Hayden has been trying to convince us to adopt a brother for her, or to please go to the doctor to see if they can see a baby in my stomach. (Chuckling) A couple of weeks ago, when I told her that adoption is extremely expensive and something that takes time and patience and lots of money, she responded " Can you just give them your debit card??"

Her newest response came today when she asked me, "Well, can we just get a cheap one??"

I love that girl. All my girls. I'm so thankful for the joy they give me and that I have been blessed to be their mother.
The twins brought home brown bags with "breakfast in bed" for me on Mother's Day.
I shared :)

Preslyn--my baby and mini-me

Ella--My sweet princess. She is so girly and loves to wear dress up clothes

The child that made me a Mom, Hayden--7yrs

Me and My Mom after one of our daily workouts

A Mother's Nest necklace I made for a customer of mine. Loved how it turned out. 

So thankful that this photo is so full! Love my girls!! H, E, P

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