Monday, February 04, 2013

What's in your "GO BAG" ?

I must admit to you. I have a bag problem.

I like to take things with me that I might need, for different situations. My kiddos are out of the stage that we need a diaper bag with us at all times, and even still I manage to bring at least one bag with me, in addition to my purse.

I've been lugging around an Urban Outfitters reusable shopping bag with me filled with my comfort items and I didn't realize how bad it had gotten until I went to spend the night with my parents and was baffled at the amount of stuff I had to bring for an overnight trip.

I had 3 bags plus my makeup and my purse. WOW! I only used about 5 things of course. I like to take my calendar, a good book that I'm reading, sunglasses, chapstick, deoderant, phone charger, hoodie or sweater, body spray, my devotional, my journal, some lipgloss and mascara with me everywhere I go. But 3 bags??? Wow. I need to condense. That's crazy!

What can you not leave home without?? Do you have a "go bag" as well or am I the only one??
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