Friday, February 08, 2013

Friday five

1. Took down the Christmas trees yesterday. Yes, I know it is Feb. 8. The girls were so bummed.

2. Finished my first book of the year. Safe Haven. It was really good!

3. Started back at my crossfit gym. Wow. Spent most of the week with sore T-Rex arms. In other news... I found out there is a roller derby team in my area. Whattttt?!?! It's only the #1 thing on my bucket list!

4. Went to Trader Joe's. Ah! I love that place. What are some of your favorite things to get at t.j?

5. Added a new piece to my Stella & dot collection . I've been eyeing it at every party I've ever been to and I love it! The renegade bracelet (middle) Get yours here! my best friend just became a stylist and would love your business.

Happy Friday!!!


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