Friday, February 01, 2013

Friday Five

Today is Friday and I would like to wish you a lovely weekend.

I leave you with these five things:

1. 5 lovely bracelets for the Friday arm party 

2. Going to see a movie with my hubby right after work today. I'm glad I married someone who loves movies as much as I do. 

3. Tomorrow I am going to bring the pain upon myself during a 12 minute amrap Crossfit Team Challenge with my Mom. That is probably one sentence I never thought would come out of my mouth. We are excited and hoping to beat my dad and brother. Will update on Monday.

4. Today my friend Holly is getting a huge miracle and moving to TIRR which is a fabulous rehab facility with neuro rehab. This is a huge answer to prayers. 

5. Trying out the new True Dimension Lipsticks that just launched . This one is Wild about Pink. I really like the feel of it. Also, documenting my hair grow out.  Day 44. 

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