Friday, October 05, 2012

Friday Five

Today I'm linking up with The Bargain Blonde to bring you the Friday Five
1.  My first friend on the earth released a single today! Go to Itunes and download Garden Inn by Bells and Parks. So happy for her!

2. This combo...boyfriend watch and cross bracelet

3. Most hilarious moment of my week. They were in the most elaborate dress up costumes they could come up with and their names left to right were "Sarah", "Batanya" and "Yellow White" (who is also a man)

4. I shot my first real gun today. Had to kill a 'coon that was annihilating our farm.

5. Most imporant moment of my week: Praying with my middle child Ella, inviting Jesus to live in her heart. Today she told me He was afraid of the dark so he came back out and then when it was morning went back in.

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