Wednesday, August 01, 2012

What do I do?

I was invited to do a link up party by my FABULOUS cousin Bethe. She's kind of a big deal and I know I've mentioned her once or twice but seriously, why are you not following her already???

So the question is: What DO I do with my days? That IS the question.

Well, I am a full-time mom to three growing-like-weeds little ladies. Hayden (6) and Preslyn & Ella (twin 4 years olds). Really, I should just stop there because that sentence makes me tired. But aside from keeping those little ones out of trouble, fed, clothed and occasionally bathed, I also own and solely operate my own online boutique, Lindentree Boutique .

I just switched over to a new website so the products are still trickling over one by one. Seems like it will never end, but one of these days I will have the full range of products back up and available for you. Until then you should definitely be following me on Twitter (@lindentreeboutiq), Facebook and Instagram for all the updates.

So basically I do everything that happens with my company. I receive, package and ship every single order myself...with occasional help from the aforementioned little helpers. I list the products on my website, write the descriptions, edit the content, re-edit the content. I do all the social media and advertising and occasionally I host a trunk show or show up at an event as a vendor. Its really fun when I get to do that, because I get to meet customers face-to-face for a change. I research brands and do all the buying, as well as pricing, tagging and anything else that deals with Lindentree. It's very rewarding to know that I operate a company that I built from the ground up. I can't wait to have a little more time to really expand my vision.  I definitely use all the skills I acquired and learned during college, for all those that constantly wonder why I even went to college.

When I'm not submerged in bookwork, which is the nails on the chalkboard for this B.A. graduate, I am usually switching a load of laundry, reading with the kiddos one of our books from our library day, planning a meal, couponing, tending to our expanding little backyard farm, listening to music, sewing, cleaning, submerged in a warm bubble bath, or practicing our worship set for church.

Oh did I mention that my husband and I just became part of the creative worship leader team at our home church campus?  I am over vocals and he is over the band. It has been amazing to see the path that God has lead us in over the past two years and we are really excited to see what is next.

We also have a new business that God has directed us to that BJ and I are launching together this December. I can't tell all the details on that yet, but it is very exciting!

So.....what do you do??? Leave me a link in the comments to your blog about what you do and lets have a link party :)

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