Friday, August 03, 2012

Friday Five

Things that struck my fancy and I want to share with you

1. River Island Watch---Holy Moly, so adorable...My eye was first drawn to the simple little bracelet beside the watch and then I looked and absolutely love all the details of the watch. I'm a sucker for the bigger, chunky look. Sadly, I cannot find this anywhere. I did find the bracelet. Which is only $18 here.

2.  Love this color! Can't wait for my hair to be a little longer and then its ON! Balayage here I come.

3. Chili Cheesecake---making this today for a little get-together I'm hosting tomorrow.

4. With Us - by Hillsong has been on repeat in my head all week. Love this song and love knowing that through everything He is always with us.

5. The new GoodhYOUman shirts---fab. Every Single One of Them.

Happy Friday!!! Enjoy every last second of the weekend.
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