Tuesday, July 31, 2012


loving: Hansens Cherry Vanilla Soda, Quaker instant oatmeal, the Olympics, Elevation Worship and Necterines, Sia, Florence and the Machine

reading: The Marriage Plot and my daily Bible Devotion

waiting for: school to start. My kiddos are getting a big stir crazy these days with the heat keeping them indoors. We've kept pretty busy this summer and I'm savoring them being home, but I'm ready for routine again.

excited about: My Stella Dot Jewelry Party on Saturday (wanna come??)

My dear friend Trey.
Listening to worship playlists today that he would have loved
 just about ripped my heart out all over again.

trying to: Eat healthy, stay fit and overall have a better balance to life, work, family.
To Love with everything I have.
To keep pushing toward excellence and have grace along the way.

working on: Seeing life through a 6 and 4 year old's eyes and realize the days go by too quickly.

enjoying: Snuggle time with the twins every single morning lately.
Library summer reading days. We have found some fun books this summer

using: less hair product since I'm growing this mop out ;)

wearing: Anything that discourages sweating. Ugh, this heat lately is ridic!! My new white linen pants from OldNavy have been amazing in this heat

planning: the set list for worship on Thursday and Sunday.
My bathroom update. I've been wanting to paint it and update for a while!

singing: Cory Asbury "my soul sings"

needing: nail polish remover to get the nail polish off my kitchen floor.
Cleaning failure of the century.
Also, needing a serious overhaul on my office. These piles have got to GO!

learning: Crochet and backyard chicken farming

listening: crickets are singing and the house is quiet
wishing: for a month of vacation
doing:  The Summer Clear Out.
Going room by room, making things more efficient for the school year.

praying for: My family. Many health issues in many lives around mine. Praying for recovery, healing and health for those that are well.

dreaming of: my winter vacay ski trip/30th Birthday!

Want to play along? What are you currently up to?
 I got this idea from my cousin Bethe . If you aren't following her blog yet, you should.
She is amazing!

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