Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Hair ya Go

hardy har-har...I know. I'm a goof. No need to reiterate the already-known.

So my hair. Its one of those things that is an ongoing work in progress it seems with me. I feel like me and my hair, we have this love hate relationship going on. I'm constantly saying I want to grow it out, then I keep chopping it because it gives me a fabulous hair day here and there. And who wants to go through the dreaded awkward phase of the grow-out.

Plus, I just can't bear the thought of going back to plain ole straight, long, thick, sweltering-in-the summer heat, locks. I can't even picture my hair long anymore. I feel like my short hair is more Me.

In my head, when I imagine my hair long, it is lovely and beautiful and soft and shiny. If I could get mine to curl softly into wavy locks, I would wear it long every day. But you see, I fix my hair about 2 days a week. Thursday and Sunday. Friday nights too if I have a hot date with my main squeeze. But then the days in between it gets pretty crazy.

So my dilemma is, if I grow it out, the 5 days a week I don't fix it, I know from experience, I will throw it in a ponytail. So, what's the point. I may as well continue to have short spikey, looks like its sort of styled, even when its not hair. Right??

I get asked about my hair a lot. Usually its by random strangers in Target or Kroger and it usually catches me by total surprise. It is also those days that I feel like my hair looks like I sat up in bed and just drove straight to the store, wearing my pjs and bed-hair.  I have even started carrying cards in my wallet for my hair ladies. (I have three that I alternate between.)

The surprising thing is that many of them want to touch my hair. In Target. In the pet food aisle. Hmmmmm.........Now this is when we go from "howdy neighbor" to CREEPER in .004 seconds. For me, asking to touch my hair is the same thing as asking a pregnant woman to rub her belly.  The entire situation just spirals so quickly in the wrong direction that I have no idea what to do and am probably left standing with my eyes about to fall out of my head as I think...."No, no you can not touch my hair." Then I simply reply..."Suuuurrrre, go ahead" and inside cringe while secretly thinking "this is the weirdest thing EVER!!!" I don't know why people are drawn to touch people that they don't know. It is a strange, strange thing.

The most frequent question is: What do I use on my hair? Well, will know all the secrets. I am constantly on the hunt for the perfect hair product. My dream product will hold my hair up, while maintaining a soft flexible feel and leaving it healthy looking and not frizzy. So far, I have yet to find the perfect one product, but I will not give up!

Secret #1....I am naturally blonde. Yep, I sure am. Most people thought that when my hair was dark that it was my natural hair color. Probably attributing that to the fact that both of my parents hair is very dark. But nope. I was a white-blonde little girl for years and slowly it darkened to a more strawberry/dirty blonde as I got older. I started highlighting my hair my senior year of highschool and got new highlights about once a year thereafter until Nov. 2009 when I went WAY white blonde all over color! It was fun. I liked the change. Then I gradually warmed up the blonde and then went dark last fall.

Secret dark hair was from a box diy at home dye.  I loved it! I bought it on a whim at Walmart and got lucky to pick a color I loved on the first shot. #31 Coffee Creme. It only cost me $3.88 that day and it lasts a good 6 weeks or so before I have to touch up the color. I then transitioned to #32 dark mahogany brown by Revlon. These are usually cheaper than the Clairol and have coupons all the time. I loved this one because it picked up the natural red highlights in my hair and made a sort of purply red highlight against the brown. 

After I get out of the shower I throw in a John Frieda Mousse. Then I dry it and add a touch of Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum. I use the flat iron to style it and then finish it out with Rebel from Visible Changes. Sometimes I use Tea Tree Shaping creme if I am out of Rebel. Then I add hair spray for hold.

Secrets out of the bag now.

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