Thursday, November 03, 2011

Day 3 -Total Thanks

8. My health and the ability to function mentally and physically. May i never take these for granted and may i use my body to fulfill God's plan for me and treat it as His temple.

9. For my heritage. My parents and grandparents and in laws.  As I was growing up I did not realize how fortunate and blessed I was to have both sets of my grandparents, still living and still married to their original spouses. My parents and BJ's parents are the same way. Now that I am married, I realize what a sacrifice and choice and commitment it is. I am so blessed to come from a family who has laid the foundation for successful marriage. I am also blessed to have married into the most amazing family. Who welcomed me in as a daughter. Who raised their son to be a Godly husband and father. I am so so grateful for this heritage.

10. My friends. I never had a sister. My brother was and is still an amazing sibling and I love him dearly, but God has allowed some amazing girls/women to come into my life and fill that "sister" slot for me. I am so thankful for them. They can see through my "fakeness" if I'm being fake, they can see when I'm hurting, even when I put on a good front, they love my children like they are their own and they keep me sane and grounded when things seem insane and disheveled. They give me encouragement when I am at a loss. They pray for me, when God directs. They are truly sent from God to be in my life and I am so thankful that our paths crossed when they did and have continued to intertwine through the years.

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