Thursday, February 10, 2011

Valentines Day Upcycled Blowing Kisses Skirt

This Valentines I had made a commitment to myself that I would NOT buy my girls new clothes to wear for Valentines. But I did want Hayden to have something cute to wear for her school party. I found this idea a while back and made a mental note that it would be the perfect little outfit for her party. Not too fancy for school. Easy to move in (its made out of an old T-shirt) and super cute. Hayden loves wearing skirts so I thought NO problem.

Last week while I was sick, I was pulling all of my big tshirts out day after day to wear. When I pulled out my old great AmeriMcCAIN Hero tshirt, I thought, this is a perfect red for that skirt and I can do without one less giant shirt to sleep or be sick in. Then the days passed and we had church every night this week and the time just got away from me.

Well just like many of the wishful-thinking crafts in my to-do list, I figured this one would go to the "don't have enough time for it" box. I hate when I find cute ideas, have a reason for them and then don't have 39 hours in my day to get them done. So last night when we returned from church, we started gathering all the things we needed for the party.

Strike 1: Found a box of leftover valentines from last year  (once again,I  found a super-cute idea for v-day favors too late, We'll be ready next year though!)
 Strike 2: realized that the roll of cookie dough in my freezer that I had written off buying a replacement for, was indeed gingerbread dough instead of cookie dough .So, I had to whip up a batch of homemade sugar cookies at 12:30am.

So apparently the way my brain works is when things go wrong, that's when I need to make things harder on myself instead of just saying, "Eh, wear something red to school. " That would have been strike 3, and striking out is not an option for this Mamma . It was after the last pan of cookies came out of the oven that I decided..."that skirt can't be too hard!?" Plus, I've already got the t-shirt washed and ready. So up to the sewing machine I went. The tutorial said it would take about 30 minutes. AWESOME!

Well it didn't take 30 minutes, BUT, I'm very pleased with the result and so glad that I stuck to my guns and didn't buy anything "Valentines-y" and now my little Hayden gets to wear something special made by me on this day of celebrating Love. And to top it off, the white hearts that are reverse appliqued (sewed underneath the skirt) are from my PawPaw's old tshirt. When my Granny died, I inherited her sewing machine and much of her sewing supplies. In her stash was a stack of tshirts that she had cut up from his track meets. I'm glad I finally found a purpose for one of them. I think she would be proud to see how I was able to make use of them.

Hayden was very excited to see her new skirt and get to wear it to her Valentines party. I finished a new design of a hairbow I had been working on. It went well with the colors for today.

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