Saturday, February 19, 2011

Disney in the horizon

We've been planning Hayden's 6th Birthday Disney trip for years it seems! This is it. The big year. Don't even get me started on how weird it is that I will have a 6 year old and a full time Kindergardener in just a few short months. Man, oh man.

Anyway, a few months back I started doing the grocery game and have been figuring it out little by little. It makes it super easy on you and all you do is print the list and buy what it tells you to buy and save GILLIONS. :)   I always get so excited to see the savings at the bottom because it is just free money out there waiting to be saved! So, I have really buckled down and gotten tight on my grocery spending. Sticking to the list and getting the family involved. I also recently added to my helpful tips list. Combining the two has been really great and the savings are getting better. I'm still learning and need to get more organized but its fun to know that the money we save can go to the trip we are all eagerly waiting for.

So, for this week my totals are:

Ulta (this was a frivilous trip for me because I really was in need of a bigger makeup bag. My bag that I've been using is a tiny one and can't stay zipped and I can't even tell you the times it has spilled all over the car and eyeliners are lost in the depths of the under-the-seat zone.  I never buy makeup unless it is for  a silly event that I don't have the right stuff for, but Ulta had a super cute free gift bag set and I figured I would buy some staples and get the bag.  Plus,  I had a 20% off coupon.

Bronzer -$14 (instore it was on sale for $10)
Lip Gloss - $3.99
20% coupon - $2 off the bronzer
Free gift was $88 value (loaded with 15 fun products)

Total Spent:  $12.98
Total Saved: $90

Second Stop Walgreens. I am a new to walgreens shopper. I only go for the things that are totally free because usually I can pick them up somewhere else that I shop regularly if I need them.

This week totals
We picked out a fun toothbrush and a bag of Kettle Chips. They were out of one of the items we went for but we still got out of their with no money out of pocket!
Total Spent: $0
Total Saved: $6.39
Register Rewards(Can be used like cash for next order) : $14

On to CVS
making a mental note. I should take pictures of the items I get so it can show the amount of stuff I get for the price I pay.

Total: $33.62
CVS giftcard balance: $14.48
Out of pocket Spent: $19.14
Amount Saved: 28.43
Extra care bucks back: $16

Total with tax before Coupons: $12.39
Coupon savings: $10
Reusable bag savings: .10

Total out of pocket: $2.29

Total before Coupons: $217.43
Total Saved: $91.11
Amounts Spent: $126.32
MEGA Sale Bonus  Back Bucks: $17

Grand total savings: $225.93

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