Monday, January 31, 2011

crashing and burning

Last week was excessive, to say the least.  Excessive laundry, excessive whining, excessive exhaustion, excessive baths, excessive puking, excessive mommy-is-flatout-whooped days.  The one good thing that was excessive was the extra cuddles that I got from all my babies dropping like flies to the nasty stomach flu. Oh it was bad. It was beyond bad.

So since my last post, we had a major recovery day on Monday. Tuesday I decided to keep Hayden home from school because I figured she would just mope around and not eat and just be more of a hassel than a benefit. Plus I didn't want her picking anything up at school, with her lowered immunities. Wednesday she was feeling awesome. Ready to go back to school. She woke up, had a little toast, got dressed, I got dressed. The twins, who up until now we thought were still sleeping, started calling for me with tearful cries. This did not alarm me because they do that nearly every morning. So I hurried upstairs to do a quick change of clothes, pullup, and off to school and opened their door.........

A quick glance around the room and I knew my morning and most of my day just flew out the window. Preslyn and Ella both had what looked like shoulder pads of puke all over them, in their hair, and all in their beds and carpet. I immediatly felt so sad for them, because we never heard them throwing up in the night, or calling out for us. They must have just thrown up in their sleep and then waited. I felt terrible. So a quick call to Bj and he found a new ride for Hayden to school and my deep cleaning/disenfecting began. First with baths, then some cuddles, then more puke, then the first of 7 loads of laundry, then movies for the girls while i began the massive cleanup. More movies, a few crackers and gatorade, a little nap (instigated by them, not even me--they both came whining to me to turn off their movie because they were soooo tired and wanted to sleep) , more laundry, got a ride for Hayden, more cleaning...PawPaw arrived with carpet steamer and solution, chicken noodle soup and more gatorade. Then I steamed the carpets. 

I must admit. I am kind of addicted to steaming my carpets. Watching the dirty water pour out into the sink is so wonderful! My carpets look and smell refreshed and I love it. Its encouraging me to get the last of our boxes sorted and unpacked so that I can free up the remaining carpets and steam those as well before I have to give the steamer back to my Uncle and Aunt. Maybe I'll even take down my Christmas stuff while I'm at it ;) (hush! January has been hectic)

Anyway, the week was spent cleaning, laundering and cuddling. I kept thinking I was going to survive without catching it. No such luck. Friday night it hit me like a ton of bricks. I was in bed all day Friday leading up to the "crash". I felt lousy and was hoping by laying low I'd keep it at bay. WRONG. Sadly, that day was also a juicing day for my fast so I had little to nothing inside me and the "crash" left me severely dehydrated. BJ and I had a miserable night of sleep with me tossing and turning and moaning of achy legs and a rolling stomach. I stayed in bed all day Saturday and Sunday morning. Then we went to a quarterly prayer meeting for our church and helped lead worship. It was fantastic. Just what this sick body needed. It was also the last day of our fast and I perfect way to close it out.

This morning we all woke up for our typical Monday morning and found out that Dad now had joined in on the fun. Thus the sickness is complete. It has made its full circle with all of us.

Here's hoping February starts off with less action!  I'm off to steam something.

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