Monday, January 24, 2011

rain on a green tin roof

Last night around 6pm is when it started. The first of 10-12 episodes of hurling. My poor Hayden. It hit her like a ton of bricks and wouldn't let up until the wee hours of the morning. I slept on the couch so I could hear her when she needed me.

Let me tell ya, bolting awake to the sound of your child calling for you or already throwing up is not the number one way I prefer to be awoken...and not once but multiple times. My heart hurt for her as I watched her whole body turn red as the blood rushed through her pale skin. I held her hair and rubbed her and felt horrible. Every time she finished she would raise her head up and tears were just rolling down her bright red cheeks. My heart ached to take the pain from her.

So this morning, came and went and we slept in. The rain falling softly on our tin roof was just what the doctor ordered. I heard the twins wake up and start their gymnastics match in their room that quickly had to come to a halt. Those monkeys! They were starting to rearrange the furniture and had literally ever single toy they owned out and scattered all over the room.

I dragged myself off the couch and up to find out what awaited me. A limp little Hayden, still in her bed. Poor girl. That is a sign right there, because she is normally the first to wake up every day, rain or shine, school day or not.

So the toast was made, the juice started, Leapster to the rescue, along with magnet dolls and a couple of books. Sick day had begun. Once I had her settled for a bit, on to the disaster that awaited. At least it had bought me a few extra winks of much needed sleep!

I decided instead of just cleaning up, it would be a reorganizing and purging day. So we spent the greater part of the day sorting toys in to piles, finding missing pieces, rearranging, putting toys in the attic that were no longer age appropriate and boxing up others that were going to be given away.

The girls were on board with the concept. Most of the time. Ella kept asking me why we were giving some toys away. I told her they had too many and couldn't even play with all of them. Some little girls would love to have some of their toys that they no longer played with. So she replied in a worried voice, "But how do you know we are giving us toys away???" It totally caught me by surprise and made me laugh and reply, " Well, because I'm the one giving them away."

I have also been wanting to shorten their curtains for months now. Our windows in this house are a strange size and nearly impossible to find curtains that fit. I didn't want to buy new ones, since they had only been used for the year we were at our past home. Instead they have just been hanging, not looking "right" but just serving their purpose to darken the room. So today seemed like a good day to get that type of project done, since it had been a declared sick day and I didn't have any pressing work to get done. (I had done all that in between Hayden's episodes last night, before I finally crashed around 2am, thinking the worst was behind us.)

So, my rainy day/sick day project is now complete! The room is reorganized, lighter on the toy-front, cleaned and vacuumed.



I put together my own recipe for spaghetti sauce and it was delish (recipe to come later), served it with a fabulous salad, loaded with veggies, homemade dressing (also to come later)and wheat pasta. Kids are bathed and tucked in their beds and now the sick day is officially over.
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