Monday, January 10, 2011

Approaching the starting gate

I feel like I have game day jitters. Like I would as I'd line up in my lane for a race at a track meet. I'm PUMPED! I am literally on pins and needles.

Bj and I have been feeling the urgency to participate in a 21 day fast that many churches are participating in starting today and running through Jan. 30.   I have been reading up on different types of fasting and ways to participate as a family and have found a really great plan that I think will work for us. We are expecting big things this year and I feel like this is an amazing way to kick off this year. This is the first time that either of us have fasted together since we have been married. Already we have seen God opening a door that we have been believing for, almost a year now. I feel like it is God confirming to us that if we will step out in Faith, He is right there waiting for us. I can only imagine the things He is going to reveal to us and our family during this time and from here on out.

We are going to be doing a version of the daniel fast, alternating between days with food and days without any. The girls are doing a modified fast since they are too young to do completely without food. They are doing a schedule that I found at the website under the resources for children. Their diet will be altered as far as no sugar, sweets, etc. But their main fasting will be from movies, tv, video games, etc.  It is amazing what I found at that website! Bible reading schedules during the fast, worksheets for children, suggested fasting methods, etc. Check it out if you have any questions about fasting.
We are also doing a social media fast. So I will not be posting on facebook during this time. I have decided to blog through our fast, but have not decided whether to post the blogs while it is ongoing on to post them after. I want to document this time in our lives for sure.

If you think of us during this time, just be in prayer with us. We are really excited to experience what God has for us and look forward to sharing with you the experiences that we have!

Here is an amazing quote that was in some of the fasting literature I've been reading....I love it!

The tendency of fire is to go out;
watch the fire on the altar of your heart.
Anyone who has tended a fireplace knows
that it needs to be stirred up occasionally.
– William Booth

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