Saturday, January 17, 2009


My birthday falls three days after Christmas and every year it is hard to get my pals together but usually we do something fun to celebrate. This year just did not work out. With Christmas parties, new years parties and the girls getting sick, we were just all a little overwhelmed. My parents came and celebrated with me on the day and bj's parents let us get out but I still wanted to do something fun.

So this past weekend we got to go play paintball and it was so much fun. Many of us had never played before and were a little skittish of the pain that would be felt from getting hit. After the first couple of hits, we all got over it and had a blast. I must say today though that my bruises look hideous and are very tender to the touch!
It was fun to try something new though and I had a great time with my friends. Thanks guys!!!

The whole gang after our pizza lunch (I scheduled my party before our diet. BJ and I did good though, we only ate two little pizza slices and then had salad and water!)
This is Philip shooting BJ before he shoots me...what a friend ;) (all the husbands were out for their wives. How rude!)

Here is BJ trying to get some cover from the fire

 of the veteran paintballers....he had me worried going into it. He was a die hard, rolling, diving and nailing us.

Me and Alexis, we may look tough, we were scared :)

All of the eligible paintball participants. ( 4 of my friends were pregnant this year and were unable to come or play...bake those babies, mama's)

What a friend! Tara was not as enthusiastic about getting shot at as most of us, but she was such a sport. Thanks for trying something new! I won't put you through that torture again, I promise ;)

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