Monday, January 19, 2009

p90x...not for the weak at heart (or stomach)

BJ and I started this new workout program last week and it is killer. After the workouts we are literally laying on the floor with not an ounce of energy to even stand back up. We are sticking to the meal plan to a T as well so we are really excited about getting back in shape in the next 90 days and then continuing from there. Its been a definitely lifestyle change with having to prepare every meal plus two snacks per day. And by prepare I don't mean, slap a sandwich together, I mean full on cooking meals. It takes time and preparation and lots of loads of dishes! Bj has helped me make tons of the meals because it just takes too long without help. I love cooking, but some of these meals take the "fun" out of whipping up a creative tasty meal. But surprising some of them have been delicious. And we have discovered that lots of the veggies we grew up not liking, we now like! The other surprising thing is that we are eating a TON of food, but losing weight. Go figure. Our diet consists of a high protein, fat shredding diet right now. So we are basically eating to feed our muscles right now. Oh what I would give for a bowl of pasta :)

Anyway, I'll post updates about that periodically! We are working out every day (with one day off) plus cooking and cleaning up a storm, so there isn't much time for much else, but I will try to keep in touch with the outside world as I can.

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