Monday, January 19, 2009

Girls day in!

We were privileged to have Skylar over for her first play date last week. The girls were so excited to have a little friend over. They totally surprised me at how funny and lovey they were with her. She isn't a crawler yet, so her mamma set her down in the play room and my girls quickly crowded around. I think she was a tad overwhelmed because she quickly looked to her mom with a panicked look. I had to keep backing Hayden off of her.

Preslyn buddied right up to her and kept looking at her with the sweetest look that said, "lets be best friends forever." Then Ella walked up and gave her three kisses without being prompted. It was a girl's day made in heaven!

We can't wait for Skylar to come back and play some more! (Oh and us mom's had a nice time chatting in "adult conversation" too!)

I thought I had more pictures but guess I don't, Sarah has some cute ones on her blog

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