Monday, January 19, 2009

Just a little dose of Hayden

Hayden has been quite the wonderful big sis lately. She loves helping with her sisters and tries to take care of them like a little mama. They have had awful runny noses again with cutting more molars!!! Hayden can't stand it, just like me, so she will run and get a towel or blanket or tissue and wipe their noses for them any time she sees the need.

The other night, while I was making one of the many meals for our family, Hayden offered to help feed her hungry sisters. Normally I would have said "thank you for asking but that's OK" but seeing that they were starving, but I needed to cook, I figured I'd give her a shot.

She did really good and was so proud of herself! Yes, it was a bit messy, but it was such a help to a busy mama!

She has had some quite funny moments lately as well, for instance....

the other day us girls were all in the twins room playing and Hayden suddenly says, "Mommy, we need to send back my sisters." I didn't understand what she meant and I asked her where we needed to send them back to? She said "Heaven". I was a little alarmed and asked her why she wanted them to go back to Heaven? She replied, "because then maybe they will come back and be brothers. I really need a brother and so they can come back and be my brothers." I thought that was too cute....and no, isn't being taken under advisement.

Hayden and her sisters

Preslyn, adoring her big sis...Ella being too cool for school...and Preslyn, always being the nut of the family

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