Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Things on the to-do list--UPDATED

*order pictures from our photo shoot in November
(they are selected now just waiting on a price sheet to see how many i can order)
*order name labels for the girls sippy cups --Done, Done and Done
*find a pattern and fabric for some fun curtains for the girls' rooms
*apply for my DBA --Application filled out..turn in on jan. 29
*get wholesale license
*do all the laundry (that would be like 15 loads...I'm really behind) --i'm on my 6th load my whole couch is covered with folded clothes, ready to be distributed
*go through the girls' outgrown clothes and store, give away or consign the rest
*Pull out the 18-24 month clothes for the twirls
*make a diaper cake --working on it
*collect a wedding photo from each of the grandparents/parents in our families for a photo wall collage i want to do

that's just the tip of the iceberg

so what are you up to today??

I have a long list and am needing some motivation............feeling lazy today

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