Monday, January 12, 2009

Adventure in Austin

This weekend my parents and I loaded up to make the trip to Austin to see my oldest friend (by oldest I mean the one I've known the longest) get married. The trip started off yummy as we stopped in at a new place called Egg cetera and ate a scrumptious breakfast. My dad set up the directions on the TomTom and we headed out. So we are driving along on the highway and all of the sudden the directions tell us to take a back road, which looks like a small dirt road that no one travels on. So we Uturn, since we missed it and head off road. We continue driving all the while saying, this can't be right, we should turn around. We keep going and the dirt road is kind of winding like some sort of three-wheel trail. Anyway, I'm not really paying attention and me and mom are in the very back seat of their durango. All of the sudden we hit some bumps and bounce around a little, then a few more and bounce a little more, and then the third set we are bouncing so high my head touched the roof. It was so funny and we were all laughing so hard! My dad said that he would have slowed down but when we hit the first bumps he realized we were going too fast for that terrain and if he would have put the brakes on he may have lost control. Luckily there were no more but it was quite memorable! By taking that road we did end up saving a lot of time, plus we had an adventure.

We had a great trip together and even though the wedding was outdoors with temperatures in the low 40's, it was nice to see my friend on her big day!

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