Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Weekend warriors

This weekend we accomplished a lot of stuff. Sadly we still have SOOOO far to go, but our house is starting to take the shape of a home. I still have a month until my goal to complete the unpacking/set-up before the twins' birthday.

Here is our new entry rug. We love it! It is just the right amount of classy, hip and double plus!! it had a bird in it. I am so into birds right now. I don't know why but they are so cute!
Then our room finally got set up. Yay! We have a bed again! Still need to hang some stuff on the walls but its a start.

We had our pool drained and cleaned out. It got so bad from the storm! It is back to beautiful now! We also put up our new curtins.

Then the soft tiles came in for the playroom. This was BJ's project and it turned out really nice. The girls heads will appreciate it the soft cushiness to brace their falls. We also had a garage sale, cleared out some more from the old house and unpacked a bunch of boxes. Sadly, like I said, still soooooo far to go.



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