Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Happy Birthday Hayden

Dearest Hayden,

When did you get to be so big. When did you become this beautiful little girl and where did my precious little baby go? I wish I could have captured the exact moment that this transition occurred, but here under our watchful eyes a little girl has blossomed. Oh how we love you so much! Even in the times that I could literally pull my hair out at the 1200th mess that you have made, you always make me secretly laugh inside.

You have become so curious. Well you have always been curious, but lately every other word is "Why?". I am amazed at how you are relating things together and know so many reasons to things. You are going to be a scientist, I just know it. Or maybe a Broadway dancer. With your love for dancing and music and your intelligent brain, the world is yours my little love. I can't wait to see your path unfold. You are so smart, beautiful, hilarious and downright sassy.

Daddy and I are praying for wisdom on how to direct you and raise you. Each day is a new discovery for all of us. We have never raised a three year old and are doing our best to raise you the right way. Hopefully you will turn out ok in the end.

Every year at this time I remember the horrible labor I had with you. The exhaustion and anxiety as we waited to see this new person who would change our lives forever. I will never forget that rush as they put you on my stomach and we looked at each other for the first time. If I could have bottled that love and energy I could have fueled the whole world. I still get a knot in my throat every time I think of it. You changed my life for ever, little darling. I could never have imagined how wonderful being a mother could be. You challenge me to make ordinary things exciting, to be creative, to live in the moment and to not sweat the small things. Who would have thought that all that could come along with a slimy, red, screaming, chubby baby.

I wish you could know yourself right now like we do. You are wonderful. You have a bit of an issue with wearing pants or shorts right now, since you have potty trained. You can not stand folds or wrinkles in your clothes or that rub up against you. You adore dresses and being girly, except when it comes to your hair. Oh your poor hair. It is so mop-like. I must do something about that tomorrow. You don't like me to fix it and insist on wearing it straight down in your face. But I just love to see those beautiful pecan brown eyes hiding beneath the scraggly bangs. I love when you come in my room in the morning and ask to fix me my breakfast. You try to be such a big girl all the time. You are an amazing big sister, even though we are still working on being gentle. I know that will come in time. You just get so excited and get rough. It will get better. You have so much potential. We have to keep you busy or you get into trouble. You are very obsessive about certain things. Keeping things in a line or equally balanced. Having a routine. Everything must complete the same way every time or it throws you off.
You like to clean with wipes anything that I will let you. You love baths, but again, don't like me to wash your hair. So I have to come up with ways to convince you that hair washing is fun.

My favorite thing is that two nights ago you told me that you wanted Jesus in your heart. Even though I know you don't know that fullness of what that means. It made my heart shine that you wanted to experience that. We prayed a simple prayer and you were very excited. I pray that you will follow Jesus all of your life and daily search for the deeper meaning of His love. You have the boldness to bring so many people into the Kingdom with you.

I love you so much little Boo-Boo. Happy 3rd Birthday! I hope this year is your best so far!



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