Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Bring on the supper

Just wanted you all to see my new fab fridge. I thought it would never come, but after three failed delivery attempts (Let's not rehash that ridiculousness) it finally came! Oh I was so excited!!! So if you come over, no one is allowed to touch it. Lol...you think i'm joking

Every time I open it I feel like I hear a choir of angels singing "aaaaaaaahhh" in the background!

Last week Deborah and I took the kids to see Veggie Tales Live. We have never seen them live before and it was really fun!
Hayden danced to the songs and of course sang the theme song with them. Afterwards we wanted to take them for ice cream and so we stopped at McDonalds, and of course they had none. So we settled for parfaits, which are healthier. But what's up with no ice cream??? That has happened to BJ and me about 20 times.

Oh I guess I should tell you why Hayden is wearing a big bandaid in the pictures. Well around 4pm that day, during her nap time, which she was determined not to take one since she was excited about Veggie Tales, she was balancing on her toy box (its built in and she knows not to do this) she slipped and fell and busted her chin open. It was a pretty bad cut. I couldn't make up my mind whether it was stitch-worthy or not, so I ran over to my neighbor who has three older kids and she looked at it. She thought maybe she would need one, so I went back and forth trying to decide. I didn't want to go if they were going to just give her a butterfly bandaid, plus we didn't want to miss VT, so, I decided after talking with her doctor that I thought we would be ok to butterfly bandage it ourselves. I think I made the right call, because it started scabbing about a day later and looks like it is healing pretty good.

Hayden is getting so excited about her birthday. I can't believe next Tuesday I will have a three year old. She is changing so much and learning so many things. She has really been learning the stories of Daniel and the Lions den, Samson and Delilah, Jonah and the Whale and David and Goliath. Lots of the names are the similar so she usually says, "Can I watch the Veggie tales about Delilath?" And she also says "Samsom". So cute! She is getting really good about telling us the stories and getting all the details right. She is also getting better at telling the babies apart. Recently she is even starting to really bond with Ella. I can't wait to see her at her birthday party. She has been talking about it for months!

I think you will all be happy to know that today I finally finished painting my bedroom!! YEah!! Now we can set up our bed and stop sleeping on the floor and couches. Yuck!

Here are the before and afters of it:

So today was pretty accomplishing! I finished painting, had the men come look at a hot water heater that won't stay lit--translation: no hot water in the master bathroom since the hurricane, I finished mailing Hayden's birthday invites, and ELLA SAID MAMMA! Finally!!! I thought they would never say it! So hopefully Preslyn will chime in soon too.

That's pretty much it...oh besides that i cut my hair off. I need to get a pic but I am waiting until I get it colored until I post a pic. Okey doke...have a super Wednesday!


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