Tuesday, September 23, 2008


(Storm clouds rolling in in California)

This has been such a crazy month. I have sat down a few times to blog and just the thought of all that has occurred makes me exhausted and I walk away without writing. There is just too much to pass up.

We started the month off with our big move. It was a nice weekend and not too hot, thankfully. Our sweet friends Billy, Holly & Kris, and Chris and Kaitlin and wonderful family, Sean, Britton and PawPaw Boardie graciously helped us get the bulk of our belongings over. I finished all the painting except for one wall in our room. I would have been finished except for that the paint store gave me the wrong finish on my last trip to the store for paint. So I decided to stop and do the move, well since then i have purchased the paint but one thing has led to another and our room is yet to be completed. :(

Then on to the wedding for our nanny. She has been planning it forever. September 12. Then the hurricane kept coming and coming and they had to postpone their actually big wedding and went ahead and did a small ceremony so they could still get married. So all the bridesmaids were at my house that morning getting hair and makeup done and then we sent them off to the wedding. By this time people were boarding up their homes and gas was getting scarce. Hayden and I rushed down to the wedding and back before the weather got nasty so we could witness the actual marriage. They are still going to do a big wedding later with all the decor and dresses, etc. Misti was beautiful and we pray blessings on her new marriage and life. We will miss you :)

(Uncle Sean and Preslyn)

So after we rushed back we prepared for the hurricane. It was pretty nerve wracking with three little girls. We put Hayden's mattress on the floor next to ours, which was on the floor due to the non ability to set up our bed, due to the unfinished painting. (Yes, it is still on the floor today.) And the babies we put in pack n plays in my new huge walk in closet. It had a vent in it so we figured it would be our "go-to" spot in case of a tornado or a tree falling on the house or something. Early that morning around 4:30am we lost power. That was on Saturday. So we packed up all our food in our fridge, formula, supplies and clothes and headed to the in-laws to wait out the power outage. We started hearing reports that it could be weeks until it was restored. Gas was no where to be found and stores were closed. I got a little worried about having formula and diapers to last that long. Plus we needed gas for our generator to keep working so I called my cousins in college station and they hit the stores and gas station for us and we met halfway to make the swap. They were such a blessing! We were stocked up on food for the girls and for us for a while and they gave us 10 gallons of gas. (thanks so much john and tyan). Thankfully with the hurricane a cold front rolled in and we were graced with 60-70 degree weather for several days. It was fabulous. We had all the windows open and the breeze felt awesome. God does take good care of us!

So we adapted to the power outage. It took some planning to figure out when we could take showers and then when we would have power to cook the meals, but it was an adventure. Wednesday we flew out to California with Hayden and the girls stayed behind with BJ's parents. Right as we arrived at our hotel we found out that our power came back on!!! THANK YOU JESUS!

California was beautiful! We loved the area we were in. It was Morgan Hill, just outside of San Jose. The mountains were amazing. The trip was very stressful with Hayden. She was out of sorts and off her routine, which made for a very rough time. But we made the most of it. I was so thankful I had left the babies at home or I would have just been a basket case.

My brother got married on Friday and the wedding was wonderful. We had such a fun time and were so happy to welcome Alexis into our family. We love her to death and are so glad to have her as a sister.

The flight home was much better than the flight going. Hayden was pretty well behaved for the most part. At one point, we were sitting 10 rows from the bathroom, someone came out of the bathroom and Hayden stands up in her seat with a scrunched up face and looks at BJ and says, LOUDLY, "DAD, I smell your poop." It was so hilarious! Hopefully the person who came out didn't hear her, but it was so funny.

While we were gone the girls both started standing on their own. I was so nervous that they were going to walk and I wouldn't see, but they waited. It is so neat to see them stand though. They will be walking soon that's for sure. Ella can do it for a while, but Preslyn is still just a few seconds at a time.

Here is a pic of them both sitting together. I don't think I have ever gotten a pic of that yet. (Preslyn left, Ella right)

Well I have so much still to do so I must go. My goal is to have the house totally unpacked and set up for the babies birthday party, so we can have it here at the house, so I have my work cut out for me!

Take care and I am praying for the power to come on for all of you who are still without.


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