Friday, October 10, 2008

Hayden Turns 3- Part 1

Sorry this post is so delayed but I have been trying to get it done all week. So, early Tuesday morning BJ and I woke up and snuck into Hayden's room. She was out COLD.

We sang Happy Birthday and literally she didn't budge until about halfway through it. She was so excited though that her long awaited birthday was finally here. She has been so excited about this birthday.

So we brought her downstairs and she ate her Dora cereal. ( We didn't really do a theme this birthday but she loves Dora and asked for a Dora cake, so that's kind of the underlying theme this year.)

Then she opened our presents that we got her (except for one that we are saving for the party tomorrow.) She loved them and wanted to start playing right then.

So that day I had planned on pampering the little miss! We took her to the mall and she got a big girl hair cut.

It is SOOOO Cute! Much better than the aforementioned MOP. She really likes it and so do we! Then we rode the carosel and had lunch and then went to Libby Lu, where we thought we were going to get her nails done.

But instead they didn't really have what we were going for, so Grammy took her on to Build-A-Bear and Alexis and I got the babies ears pierced FINALLY! I can't believe it has taken me this long to get them done, but we have been a little busy in case that point hasn't been thoroughly driven into the ground yet. We got Ella rhinestones and Preslyn little pink ones. So for those who may not be able to tell them apart, pink for Preslyn. I didn't realize the little surprise Preslyn was doing for me until I looked at the pics at home. Please excuse my obviously dainty daughter :)

Hayden made her purple build-a-bear, who she named Susie. Purple is her most favorite color and they only had two more in the whole store! Yeah!

Then we took her to get her first real manicure at a salon. She got pink with sparkles and a flower on each thumb. They were so cute and she looked like such a big girl! Keeping her hands in the dryer for so long was quite the task but it was such a fun experience! and it only cost me $4! Can't beat that!!

Finally we were all worn out so we went home for naps. Then later Uncle Sean and Aunt Lexi came over for dinner and birthday cake! YUM!

What a fun day we all had with our big 3 year old!

More to come after tomorrow!


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