Monday, November 12, 2007

My girls are fighters

So all I can say is Thank you Jesus. He is answering every prayer for my girls and they are continuously blowing our minds at how quickly they are recovering. We were able to go see them yesterday evening and Hayden got to go in and see them. It was so cute. She kept saying "She is so precious" about the time we got over to Ella, she was bored and just wanted to touch the buttons and get bandaids. :) BJ got to hold both of the girls for the first time and they were so cute in his arms. They looked even tinier when he held them. Both of them were opening their eyes and looking for our faces.

Today I got a call and they had taken Ella off of CPAPP (which is the nasal ventilator) and Preslyn was an hour behind her!!! They both had their belly lines removed, both are finished with the photo lights for jaundice, and are both taking feeds by a feeding tube now :) The doctor told me that if they remained stable for the next 24 hours they would be transfered to the level 2 nursery to feed and grow!! WAAAAHHOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't believe that after less than a week my girls are healthy and being classified as feeders and growers :) God is such an awesome God.

They are both taking 8cc feedings which is about 1/4oz. So they have to start kicking up the feedings so they can start packing on the pounds! They are so cute and we just love them so much already! I have hope they will be home early December, but we are shooting for a late goal of Jan. at the max.

I am LOVING being home in my own bed. I'm still pretty exhausted but starting to feel better pain-wise. I'm still not up to par, but I'm getting there. BJ did a superb job keeping up with the house and had it looking so nice and decorated when I came home. I felt like i was at a resort or something. I'm trying to slowly get all of my stuff unpacked and catch up on the things I have been unable to do for 2 months.

I have tons of new pictures to upload so I'll try to do that in the morning.


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