Friday, November 09, 2007

My girls are doing so good. Today Ella started feeding through a feeding tube today!!! She is also off of all her antibiotics. She has a small heart murmer that they are listening to and monitoring and she is still on the breathing tube. Preslyn is off the ventilator and only on the nasal CPAPP now :) :) She is scheduled to start her feeds tomorrow!!! So they both had a big day with accomplishments!!
I got to change Ella's diaper tonight and that was so fun. She is so tiny, that we had to fold a preemie diaper in half just to make it somewhat fit her. I was in heaven!

I am going home tomorrow!!! Some people are confused on the visiting rules of the babies, and so here they are.

No one can go into the NICU unless we are there to walk them in. And so many people have been saying they want to just swing by and see the babies through the window, but there is no window like that where you can see them. So really, unless you know we are up there, there is no reason to make a special trip to see them, because you won't be able to. You'll have to see them when they come home, which we are hoping will be sometime around Christmas if not before.

I can't wait to go home!!!! Whooohoooo!!!!!


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