Tuesday, November 13, 2007

A Photo Post
Family pic with Ella
(Hayden was more interested in the syringe the nurse gave her :) )
Getting all of Ella's wires situated so I can hold her for the first time

Me and my 2nd daughter -Ella

Changing Ella's Diaper for the first time...it was so tiny..
we had to fold a preemie diaper in half and it still swallowed her

Look at all of Preslyn's hair!!!
Daddy holding Preslyn for the first time
Ella's full body shot...she is so long!!

Family pics with Preslyn

Preslyn was able to come off nasal CPAPP last night as well so now both girls are breathing room air!!! Because of this accomplishment, basically all they are doing now is growing and working on learning how to feed, so they are trying to transfer them down to the level 2 nursery today. It is still part of the NICU just a lesser intense area. We are headed up there tonight for our first experience with Kangaroo Care, which is where the baby lays on your chest skin to skin. It is supposed to be very theraputic for them and also increase the milk supply for the mamma. Ella is up to 13cc feedings, which is about 1/2 oz. and Preslyn is at 7.5cc's, but she is supposed to have them increased today. They are both gaining grams each feeding instead of losing so that is great. We want them to chunk up so they can be fat for Christmas!!!


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