Thursday, November 08, 2007

Day 2 of Twirl life

Last night I finally got enough energy to go up to see the babies in the NICU. They are so tiny compared to how huge Hayden was. They are so cute and soft and fuzzy :) And they both have really long feet and hands. Today their hair didn't look as dark as we thought it looked yesterday, but they do have a lot of hair for only 31 week babies, and it still may be curly...they haven't gotten baths yet because they have so many tubes hooked up to them, that it is not a high priority right now.

Here are a couple of new pics of the girls from last night.


As of right now they are both intubated because they are having some respiratory issues due to their immature lungs and they are also a little jaundiced. But hopefully these issues will start to clear up soon as they start feeding them and getting their systems to flush out the toxins. We haven't gotten to hold them yet since they are intubated and have belly lines, but as soon as those are out we should get to hold them. I can't wait for that! It is so hard to see them in there and not be able to hold them and cuddle with them.


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