Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Let the game begin!!

Day 1-
So I have lots of stories for today, but I'm really tired. Its been a long day so I'll post about today tomorrow, but I wanted to kick off the Name Game, as promised :) We are going to do a 5 week game with a max of 3 clues per week. You get one clue and when that is solved we will move on to the next one :) Hope you enjoy it!! We will tell you how many letters you are getting from each answer and how many go with which baby. The letters will be given in no particular order.

Each clue will somehow tie into an aspect of our lives so far, so you can learn a little trivia about us while you are figuring out the girlies cute names :)

I am in the hospital now and all settled. Just want to rest up for a while. I feel exhausted! Give me a call or email or IM if you want to stop by so I can let you know when good times are and all that fun stuff!!

B CLUE #1: (meaning...this clue is for baby B)

What is the name of Joe Fox's Dog??

Fifth letter, 1 letter total


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