Thursday, September 27, 2007

K , you got your K you got your K

Yeah!! The correct answer is K. Baby B has one K in her name...could be first or middle name and I won't tell you the order that it goes in :) .

The significance of the clue is that Brinkley was BJ and my first dog together. His full name was Baldwin Brinkley Midnight Valentine and Bj got him for me for Valentines one year in college.

The other significance is that BJ and I love "You've got mail" :)
Keep checking back for more clues!

So.....yesterday finally arrived. It was bittersweet for sure. I know that being here allows my babies to be in the safest place they can be and I am being taken really good care of. But it is very hard to leave my family behind. BJ said it looked like an empty shell of a home without me there....its because I have been cleaning and organizing and preparing for this day for months.

Tuesday night we decided to drop Hayden off at Jordan's so that we could finish all of our last minute things to do and we had to wake up really early the next morning. So we took her over and she could have cared less that we were leaving. She wanted to chase Ty all around. She also was cooing at Hallie, which was so adorable. She was saying "Hi baby" in the highest sweetest voice ever. So funny that even at such a young age she knows how to baby talk a baby. So we left her. I didn't think it was as hard as I thought it would, but I think basically that is because she doesn't understand that I'm not coming back the next like I always do. I think it will be harder the longer I am here. When my mind really realizes that I'm not around her all the time.

Anyway, so we went to the doctor first and got to see the babies. They are so cute. We got some really good face shots and who would have thought....they look EXACTLY the same :) lol. I am going to try to get bj to take them with him and scan them so I can put them up here. They are so cute and have the cutest little chub cheeks :) I can't wait to see them in person. They are also getting bigger!! One is 1lb.12oz and the other is 1lb.13oz. They are nearing 2lbs. which is great!We want them to be as big as possible so they have the greatest chance of being in the NICU for the least amount of time necessary. They also selected a C-section date. If I am still pregnant by then the babies will be born on Tuesday, Nov. 13. 46 days from now. That is so exciting! I can't wait to see the two new blessings God has entrusted us with and see how Hayden reacts with them.

I have to post this story because it is hilarious. We were sitting in the ultrasound and the tech was being really tedious trying to get a measurement on one of the babies. Its all quiet in the room and all of the sudden I hear this loud crash and boom right next to me and I look over at BJ and he is on the floor on his back with his legs straight up in the air. He had leaned back in his chair and the chair totally gave way and he went down like a sack of potatos. We were all laughing so hard and could not get control for literally 5 minutes. The chair even left skid marks on the floor. It made it 10 times funnier since things like that don't happen to BJ, they happen to me!

So after our dr. appt., BJ and I went to our last outside-the-hospital lunch together at Olive Garden, and then came over to get admitted. I walked right in and met a few of the nurses. They were laughing because I had some big bags of stuff :) I said, Hey I'm going to be here for almost 2 months...give me a break. I'm totally not into wearing those gaping, ugly gowns until I am going to the OR. So I brought my own clothes and stuff.

Anyway, so I got here, they checked me in and the games began. I got hooked right up the monitors for about 3 hours and the babies were on the move. Makes the monitoring very hard and tedious. I can't move very much during them because then the babies move too. Anyway, so finally my Dr. came in and took me off that and put me on the three times a day as long as they aren't necessary to be longer. Then I got my steroid shot for their lungs to develop in case they need to deliver them for any reason in the next week or so. It hurt so bad. The stick was nothing, but the fluid is so thick that it hurts so so bad going in. It made my whole leg feel like it was cramping up. The nurse kept telling me while she is injecting me, "this is for your babies, this is for your babies". I knew it was and so it made it bareable. The bummer is I have to get the second dose today :( It's a two part shot. So pray for my poor leg at 5ish tonight.

I had great nurses yesterday and already today, new great nurses as well. Its been a fine time so far and I know the time will pass quickly if I just keep busy with all the things I brought.

Thanks for all the calls and emails so far. I haven't had a chance to respond to all of them yet, but I will do my best to soon.


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