Friday, September 28, 2007

Day 3-

Your baby now weighs a little less than 2 pounds and measures about 14 inches. Her weight will more than triple between now and birth as she rapidly puts on baby fat. She'll need that fat to help adjust to colder temperatures outside the womb and as a source of energy and calories in the first days of life. It's not uncommon for newborns, especially those who are breastfed, to lose weight (sometimes as much as 10 percent of their birth weight) in the first week after birth.

Today I am so tired. My late monitoring doesn't start until 10:30 and can sometimes take almost 2 hours to finish. So I have been so tired today. The doctors start coming in at 6 in the morning so its starting to wear me out. Today I had to have some blood work done to check some levels in my thyroid as well as have an EKG done on my heart. My heart rate has been extremely elevated and they are watching it closely. The good thing is even though my EKG showed that my heart rate was tachicardic my oxygen saturation in my blood is good. So that is good news. Just pray that it goes down and doesn't need further treatment.

The babies have been having good readings on the monitors when we can actually get them to be still long enough to monitor them. They say once they get a few weeks bigger it should start becoming easier. I sure hope so because they are quite exhausting and sometimes leave my tummy sore from having to roll the things on me for so long.

The neonatoligist is coming to meet with me today to give me a refresher on what to expect if the babies are born at different stages, and kind of what the scoop is with neo down here at this hospital. I'm glad to get to talk with them.

I had several visitors yesterday and that kept me busy too. Some people have called that want to come but are battling I just wanted to make a public announcement that if you are sick...stay away!!! :) I hope you all feel better soon...seems like i have had 3-4 people tell me that they are all sick. Get well soon!

We will be trying to get a new clue up by the end of today so stay tuned. Oh and also bj wanted me to clear up in the last post that he didn't just randomly fall out of the chair...he was overly exhausted from the buildup of me leaving and for staying up late the night before helping me and then waking up so early that morning. Even was quite hilarious! I wish I had my camera with me that day :)


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