Monday, September 24, 2007

My Last Weekend

We had a nice weekend together as a family. We wanted to just hang out and do whatever we felt like. No set plans. I went to a movie on Friday night with my pal Deborah and her sister and then to this new dessert/coffee place called Chocolata. It was really good and modern. We had a nice time together just us girls.

Then Saturday we woke up and went to this historic festival in Montgomery, the birthplace of the Texas flag. We only stayed for a couple of hours because it was so hot and I didn't feel like walking around too long. We ate some really good BarBQ and headed home. The rest of the day we just relaxed and I packed for the hospital.

Sunday we woke up and were going to go to church but ended up staying home, Hayden was running fever throughout the day. I was so bummed, because of course she would get sick right when I am going away. So we let her rest and I did a little more packing and then we just watched the Texans. We had decided we wanted to have a date night before I went in, so we dropped Hayden off and headed to this new restaurant called Cru`. It was really good and we ate outside and there was live music in the Central Park and the breeze was blowing. Such a nice evening.

Well while we were waiting on our food, I started feeling really uncomfortable in my back. It wasn't unbearable or anything but it didn't feel good. So all throughout our meal it kept happening. So finally I asked BJ to time the frequency. It was happening about every 3 minutes and lasting about 30-40 seconds. I started getting concerned, and it was starting to get hard enough were I felt like I couldn't really focus if I was having one. So I called my dr, because with Hayden I had a lot of back labor and that is what this felt like. Just alot milder.

They were concerned, and when I got up to call them, my whole stomach started tightening as well. So we went over to the hospital, after scarfing down our creme brulee (which was so delicious and I wished we could have just sat and savored it). They put me in triage for about 2 hours and hooked me up to the monitors. I was having some very low grade irritablilty contractions. Nothing sever enough for them to be concerned. One baby was moving so much we could only get her on the monitor for about 3 minutes the whole time. The other one was probably sleeping and nice and cooperative. Their heart rates were great...mine was very elevated at first (ha, I wonder why??) but then it mellowed down.

We were so glad that everything was fine and they said as long as they didn't intensify or get longer then I would be fine. So we got to go home.

So that was our relaxing weekend ending in an adventure! We are so thankful to still be pregnant today!! And also thankful that the contractions were not sever enough for me to have to get a shot of Magnesium to stop them. I was really hoping to not have to get that. I hear it is awful and makes you feel like you have the flu almost instantly. So, still pregnant and the girls are doing great :) Two more days until I go into the hospital. I feel ready. I know it will be hard, but I feel like I am as ready as I can be. Keep us all in your prayers!


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