Thursday, July 19, 2007

16 weeks

Oh where has the time gone. I can't believe I am 1 week away from my halfway mark of this pregnancy. That is unbelievable. Since our news last week from the doctor we have jumped on our timeline of things that we wanted to do before the babes arrived. My dad, mom and aunt and her two children arrived on Monday morning to assist.

We moved furniture, we cleaned carpet, we organized, we painted furniture, we did just about a little of everything it seems. Then Tuesday they all came back (minus my dad) and painted my office, hung shelves in the nursery and bathroom, decoupaged, and more things I'm sure...but we did a ton. These guys were the greatest helpers ever!!!

They were soooo tired!!!

My office looks so cool. The furniture isn't all back in its spot yet, so I didn't want to take a picture of the disaster but I wanted to show you the picture of the wall color that we did.

I love it!!

The nursery actually is looking like a nursery finally. We are still a long ways off from finished but at least you can tell what kind of room it is, instead of just a junk/storage room. We registered the other day and that is always so fun. This time I did most of it all online which is so handy! I couldn't find bedding for so long that would compliment the set we used for Hayden and finally I did. I love it. It's at and I think it goes really well, yet gives individuality as well--Which is our goal for these girls. We know they will always be lumped together in a lot of things, but we don't want them to be lost in the "Twinness" of it all. We want them to know that they are both individually special to us and hopefully make them feel that way in life.

Oh...just a sidenote....we got our first round of nuchal translucency tests back and they were all clear!!! Praise the Lord for healthy, growing babies :)

My stomach has decided to go ahead and hurry on up as well. Seems that I woke up about a week ago and HELLO TUMMY there it was!

I am up 1 1/2lbs so far and hoping to continue at a slow pace. With Hayden I was packing it on from the day that test said positive, so this time around I've really been trying to be healthy and stay active, and how can I not be with a toddler zooming around me 24/7. But I am feeling great. Trying to stay up and active while I can, so if I do have to be in the hospital at least I was active as long as possible.

Speaking of the little tot, she found her mother's purse yesterday and got into my lipstick...this is what I found

.......already a glamour girl. :)

In other news this rain is getting really old! The summer is halfway over and I have been in the pool twice! Ugh! it rains EVERY SINGLE DAY! Now I know how Noah's family must have felt. At least I'm not cooped up with a bunch of wild animals!


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