Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Three little princesses

Yep that's right we found out today that we are DEFINITELY having GIRLS :) I was so shocked to hear that. I would have bet all my money it was boys, but no it is indeed girls! Three little princesses for our family!

Isn't that a great face shot!!

Everything looked really good. They are growing and moving and had heartbeats of 150 and 155. We saw the specialist and he had lots of info for us. More than I want to write out on here, but basically they look healthy genetically speaking, now we just have to keep an eye out for anatomical defects such as heart problems or anything relating to the midline. When their space starts closing in on them the risks go up for things like the cords getting tangled (which they are right now and hopefully they will untangle and stay that way) etc. So they are advising that around 24 weeks (Sept. 13) that I be admitted to the hospital for constant observation of the babies until they are born. Big bummer as far as I really was hoping to avoid hospitalization but God is in control and whatever I have to do for these little girls, I will. So I'm trying to put a rush on everything to get everything ready for the newbies so that when I go I will feel ready as well. You better all come visit me!! I'm sure I'll be bored out of my mind!


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