Thursday, July 06, 2006

Some of the top 10 reasons being a mother rocks my face off

10. Because hearing your child say "mama" and actually mean to try to get your attention, wow...its so beyond words!!!
9. Gotta love a job that lets you stay home in your pjs all day long if you so choose.
8. watching your child finally understand how to play peekaboo and being super excited to play over and over and over
7. Getting your child to laugh so hard that you yourself are crying
6. Waking up to a crying child and rocking them back to sleep with them rubbing on your face
5. Knowing how to soothe and comfort in different situations
4. Going to the nursery and see her face light up when she sees us
3. When they give you kisses when you ask
2. Cuddling under my neck
1. the excitement of her first glimse of me in the morning that makes her tense up all her muscles and the biggest open mouth smiles!!


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