Monday, July 10, 2006

9 months in--9 months out!!!!

I took Hayden to her 9 month appointment today and she did so great. I was worried because her appt. was smack in the middle of her normal nap time, but she was fab as usual!! She was a show off in the waiting room and made lots of friends and then went in and weighed off the charts at 23lbs and her the charts as well at 30 inches. She is Nearly half my size less one inch!! Amazing!!! She checked out perfect as far as development and then they were going to check her hemoglobin and had to draw blood. I was prepared for a fight and a screaming tired child, but she sat there and didn't even flinch when they stuck her and didn't pull away or anything as the nurse squeezed her blood out of her precious little finger. I was a proud mamma!! What a trooper!!

So...lots in store these next few months....weening off the bottle by 12 months, transitioning to whole milk, and almost old enough to face forward in the car. She weighs enough, just waiting on that age to catch up :)

Oh...and did I mention that she is cutting FOUR TEETH!!!!! One has peeked through, and the other three are visible, but not through yet. She hasn't even been grouchy or anything hardly. She is going to have 6 little teeth in cute will that be!!!

Well ta ta...I'll post a couple of pics in the morning...for now it is off to bed.


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