Wednesday, June 28, 2006

I'm on my way to my free car!!!!!!

Okie I'm in a big challenge to go on target for my free car this month with Mary Kay..... the thing is...I need people!! Lots of you!!

first of all...does anyone know of anyone who would be great at selling a product...pretty much any product?? This product, is really easy to sell because it is wonderful and practically sells itself. So, send them my way. i would love to tell them all about my job.

And secondly, does anyone know anyone who would just love a day of pampering. A facial, glamour session, pedicure and spa treatment?? Well then recommend them to me and I'll call on your behalf. A recommendation is your biggest compliment to me.

hmmm....oh yes, and if YOU want to start earning your own extra income...get a 50% discount on anything you want to wear yourself and make 50% on everything you sell then just let me know :)

Oh yes, and lastly....I am going to do a portfolio of all the "looks" this quarter...there are four of them. So, I need models for my book. Just let me know when a good time is and I will bring the makeup and you will love the new look for summer that we come up with for you.


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