Wednesday, July 26, 2006

I Heart Pampered Chef

Last night I had a pampered chef party and it was really fun!! I had never been to one before, and it was nice because while we are flipping through the catelogue and admiring the wonderous kitchen accessories, etc. the consultant is cooking our dinner for us. I love it!! I asked if I could provide the food and a recipe every night and she would come cook for me :) J/K...I actually love to cook so a personal chef won't be necessary :)

anyway, the party was sort of last minute and lots of people didn't get their invites, so, if you wanted to come but couldn't, or you didn't know about it, there is still time!! You can either book a party and earn great free stuff for yourself, or you can place an outside order. Just browse the Pampered Chefwebsite and then let me know what you want. I have two weeks to close the show so, look look look :) I was really impressed by their stuff. Made me want to update all my stuff! :) I love kitchen stuff.

In other news...Hayden is moments away from walking...she took one step last night during my party while bj was watching her at his parents. ah!! I missed it!! But she is so close that I can't believe it. She is going to be motoring around so soon. So exciting!


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