Thursday, March 30, 2006

Life is fleeting....enjoy it while you can!

I am in such a reflective mode due to the tragedy that happened yesterday. I bus of girls soccer players were traveling from Beaumont to Humble for a playoff game when the driver swerved to miss some debris and flipped the bus. I believe 11 girls were taken to a nearby hospital but two girls died. These were high school girls. So young and having so much life ahead of them.

My cousin was on that bus. I thank God today for sparing her life and for keeping her wounds and injuries minor and repairable. One of the girls was one of her best friends.

It is so sad to think of what those parents must be going through. When I heard the report, even though I didn't know any of them, my heart sank. As a new parent, I cannot fathom the thought of living my life without Hayden. I want to never take a day of her life, a second of her life, and Bj's as well, for granted. Life is so fleeting, and it can end in a split second.

Traci we love you and are here for you through this. May God comfort your heart and heal your wounds. <3


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